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Indian Journal of Education and Information Management


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

Year: 2012, Volume: 1, Issue: 7, Pages: 286-294

Original Article

Usage of Tidal Power as Power Station

Received Date:07 July 2012, Accepted Date:07 July 2012, Published Date:07 July 2012


Tidal generation or tidal power these days become so important and researchable topic in the world, especially the countries which are placed near sea or ocean. Although the capital cost for this type of generation is higher than fuel burn energy, but not only the futures need more power but also by progressing of technology the costs of this type of generation will reduce in future. Furthermore this type of energy does not cause air pollution or radioactive hazards. In this paper, we explain the different types of generation and variety of generators which are used for this generation. Finally the energy generated by this method calculated.
Keyword: Tidal; Power generation; Barrage; Carioles force; Ebb and Flood generation; Coriolis force


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