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Indian Journal of Education and Information Management


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

Year: 2017, Volume: 6, Issue: 2, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Reproductive maturation of seahorse, Hippocampus kelloggi, (Jordan and Snyder, 1902) in Cuddalore coast, Southeast coast of India

Received Date:02 February 2017, Accepted Date:02 February 2017, Published Date:02 February 2017


Background/Objectives: Seahorse species are being used in aquarium keeping and it is particularly used as ingredients in traditional medicine, particularly in Southeast Asia as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The decline of these species is great concern in the light of global exploitation of seahorses. The maturation definition must be established to know the species distribution and effective conservation measures can be applied to target organisms. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The collection was made from Cuddalore coast on monthly basis over the period of one year (October 2000 to September 2001). The samples after collection were preserved in 5% formalin and later dissected along latero-ventral side near the abdominal region and the gonads were removed carefully. Ovaries were preserved in modified Gilson’s fluid and ova diameter measurements were made from ovaries of various maturity stages. Findings: Specimens with different maturity stages of gonads (testes and ovaries) were recorded during different months in Hippocampus kelloggi. The percentage of occurrence of maturity stages of gonads during different months is illustrated. The ova diameter distribution of six different maturity stages in Hippocampus kelloggi is presented. Stage I - V was composed egg diameter of 1.06 – 1.35 mm, 1.36 – 1.65 mm, 1.66 – 1.85 mm, 1.86 - 2.05 mm and 2.06 - 2.45 mm respectively. In stage VI (spent recovering) only a few ova were observed. Application/Improvements: The reproductive maturation evidences for the most robust approach to determine quantity of seahorses.
Keywords: Seahorse, Male, Female, Maturity stages, Ova, Percentage frequency. 


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