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Indian Journal of Education and Information Management


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

Year: 2012, Volume: 1, Issue: 9, Pages: 396-405

Original Article

Improvement of power Systems Operation using smart grid technology

Received Date:09 September 2012, Accepted Date:09 September 2012, Published Date:09 September 2012


Smart-Grid” is a new term dealing with intelligent, auto-balancing, self monitorin power grids with minimal human intervention. Implementation of such smart grids will lead to reliable operation and effective performance of distributed generations (DGs) specially based on renewable energy resources, as well as enabling better use of traditional assets. Moreover, this technology causes better operation of power grids, further reliability and power quality issues through using advanced controllers, power electronic equipments and economical and managerial decisions making. Nowadays, several categories are proposed toward Smart-Grid concept which includes: developing information technology (IT) and Integrated communications across the grid, designing advanced control methods, advanced sensing, metering and measurement devices and technologies, utilization of dispersed generations and finally, designing main and local supervisory control units along with suitable human interfaces. In this paper a clear description of smart grid is presented. Then by proposing a typical power network containing DGs, it’s trying to make an intelligent grid using modern FACTS controllers and developing effective control methods.
Keywords: Distributed generation, FACTS devices, renewable energy, Smart grid. 


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