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Indian Journal of Education and Information Management


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

Year: 2016, Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Certificate revocation based on weighted voting game and secure way routing protocol (CR-WVG-SWR)

Received Date:03 March 2016, Accepted Date:03 March 2016, Published Date:03 March 2016


Objectives: To improve the security of MANET by effectively removing the malicious nodes through certificate revocation mechanism based on game theory approach. Methods: Weighted Voting Game (WVG) approach is most widely used game theory approach to find and remove the certificate of malicious nodes from the network. it used the voting mechanism in which each node can detect its nearby nodes behavior with the help of detection mechanism. Findings: Mobile Adhoc Network contains mobile nodes which are deployed randomly in the network. These mobile nodes should cooperate each other for successful communication. But due to the frequent changes in network topology, the infrastructure for communication is not available and also presence of some malicious nodes cause attacks in the networks routing path. Hence, security is the major concern in this type of network. Certificate revocation mechanism based on weighted voting game (CR-WVG) approach was introduced in which malicious nodes were identified based on the voting mechanism with respect to weights and quota of each node. However, security in routing paths was still a problem in this approach. Application/Improvements: To overcome this security issue, Certificate revocation based on weighted voting game and Secure Way Routing protocol (CR-WVG-SWR) is developed in which certificate from certificate authority (CA), shortest route discovered and data packets are encrypted using various encryption algorithms. Thus the performance of CR-WVG-SWR scheme is improved and compared with CR-WVG in terms of false revocation, revocation of malicious nodes, accuracy ratio of revocation and normalised time to revocation.
Keywords: Mobile Adhoc Network, Certificate revocation, weighted voting game, Secure Way Routing, encryption algorithms.


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