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Indian Journal of Education and Information Management


Indian Journal of Education and Information Management

Year: 2012, Volume: 1, Issue: 9, Pages: 378-387

Original Article

A Comparison of Self Perception of Children with Non-verbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) and Verbal Learning Disabilities (VLD)

Received Date:09 September 2012, Accepted Date:09 September 2012, Published Date:09 September 2012


The main purpose of this study was to compare self perception of children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) and those with verbal learning disabilities (VLD) .The sample of study was selected from a group of students referred to the Learning Disability Center in Shiraz. Two different groups of students with NLD and VLD were selected based on their scores on the Pupil Rating Scale: Screening for learning disabilities (Mykelbust, 1971) and the verbal – performance IQ difference on the (WISC-R). Sixty four students 6 to 11 years old were selected, 30 students were diagnosed as having nonverbal learning disabilities and 34 students were diagnosed as having verbal learning disabilities. In order to analyize data two-way ANOVA used. results showed that student nonverbal learning disabilities scored significantly higher on in self perception than student nverbal learning disabilities. However,no significant differences were found on sex of participants . The results of research were discussed, and research limitations and suggestions were presented.
Keywords: Self -Perception, Learning Disabilities, Verbal , Nonverbal. 


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